CS Analytical Laboratory, the world’s only cGMP, FDA-registered and inspected contract laboratory exclusively designed and dedicated to container testing for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, continues to expand its service offerings specific to container and package testing with the recent addition of more temperature and relative humidity storage chambers. Over the past three months, CS Analytical has doubled its controlled environment sample storage capacity and now offers of host of chamber conditions to meet expanding client demand.

“We continue to bring on more clients requesting product retain storage and complaint handling,” commented Brian Mulhall. “Investment in additional environmental storage capacity enables us to meet client demand for a wide variety of temperature and relative humidity storage options per ICH standards or custom client requests while increasing routine test capabilities in areas such as USP 670 desiccant testing.”

The CS Analytical Team is one of the very few contract service providers that offers sample retain storage and complaint handling programs to the pharma, biotech and medical device market. The team has many years of experience defining key parameters of these unique programs and implementing and executing them in a manner that take the entire burden off the product manufacturer. In many cases, these programs require long-term storage at defined temperature and relative humidity set points. With the addition of more environmental chamber space, CS Analytical now offers sample storage at the following conditions:

Available Environmental Storage Conditions
Controlled Room Temperature | Room Temp + 5°C to 300°C
23°C / 75% RH    | 5°C
25°C / 40% RH    | -20°C
25°C / 60% RH    | -40°C
25°C / 80% RH    | -60°C
40°C / 25% RH    | -80°C
40°C / 75% RH    | Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Phase
Custom Conditions    | Deep Cold Liquid Nitrogen