Effective Date: 01/12/2024

Quotes & Requests for Services:  CS Analytical will issue a formal quote for specific services requested on the sample(s) being submitted by the client.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the testing requested meets relevant internal or regulatory requirements. The quote will define specific testing or services to be performed, cost for services requested, the quantity of sample(s) required, and the expected turnaround time for completion. In certain circumstances, a statement of work (SoW) may be drafted to define study details more clearly and attached to the quote. All quotations for service will be generated and provided to the client for acceptance in an electronic format.

Sample Submission: Upon quote acceptance, the client will receive an electronic CS Analytical Sample Submission Form (SSF) for completion prior to or in conjunction with submission of samples. The SSF will include all testing and samples as outlined in the quote, with fields for client-provided information such sample IDs, hazard information, tracking numbers, payment information, and options for sample retention and final disposition. Client must submit the SSF to CS Analytical electronically. A printed hardcopy of the SSF should be included with the sample shipment.

Sample Shipment: CS Analytical has no responsibility for the shipment of samples to the laboratory. The client will assume all costs related to shipment fees and delivery, inclusive of any custom clearance fees. All shipments should be sent to:

CS Analytical
Attn: Sample Intake
38 Industrial West
Clifton, NJ 07012 USA

Associated Shipment Fees: Unless otherwise specified in a quote or SoW, any shipments coordinated, prepared, or sent specific to a client sample or request must be directly billed to a client courier account (FEDEX, UPS, DHL), which the client must provide at the time of shipment request.

Sample Retention and Final Disposition: At the time of sample submission, clients have the choice between disposal of samples by CSA or return of the samples upon completion of testing. When CSA disposal is chosen, samples will be held in the laboratory for a period of 30 calendar days from date of report or CoA issuance prior to disposal. If samples require hazardous waste disposal, the client is responsible for associated fees through a CSA-approved supplier. If a client would like samples to be returned at the completion of testing, the client must indicate such on the SSF and provide a courier account number at time of sample submission. Sample returns are not subject to the 30 day hold period.

Confidentiality: All worked performed at CS Analytical under its strict cGMP quality system is confidential and all employees are bound to formal CDA/ NDA agreements signed at time of hire.

 Data Retention: CS Analytical operates within a cGMP, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic system for all data capture and retention. All raw data will be stored electronically on company secured and backed-up storage servers for a minimum period of 5 years from date of report issue.

OOS Investigation Fees: CS Analytical does not impose additional fees for initial Out of Specification (OOS) investigations for confirming results and ruling out laboratory error.  Fees may apply if additional investigative work is requested after the initial investigation is closed. In such cases, CS Analytical shall provide a separate quotation for additional work requested. Invoices for projects subject to an OOS investigation will be issued when all originally requested laboratory testing and the initial investigation is complete. This invoice may be issued prior to the conclusion of any client-requested OOS investigation review or requirements or release of the final report.

Payment Terms:

All payments must be in US Dollars and for the full amount invoiced. CS Analytical is not responsible for international tax or customs fees of international clients. Payment terms are net 30 days from date of invoice. The client will assume all costs associated with the collection of past due payments inclusive of legal fees if required. CS Analytical retains the right to refuse additional work if payments are not current.

Acceptable forms of payment include check, ACH, wire transfer, and credit card. Electronic forms of payment such as ACH and wire transfer are preferred over paper checks. Unless paying with a credit card, a client-provided purchase order (PO) is required at the time of sample submission. A 3.5% processing fee shall apply to credit card payments.

For clients that have established credit with CSA, Laboratory Testing Fees under $10,000 USD will be invoiced at the time of final report / CoA issuance.

For test programs that are $10,000 USD or more, a 55% down payment invoice will be issued at time of quote acceptance and receipt of the client-issued PO by CSA. Down payment invoices must be paid in full prior to purchase of any instrumentation, subcontract services, change parts, or supplies required to complete testing as quoted. The final 45% invoice will be issued at the time of report / CoA issuance, not inclusive of client review time.

Additional Payment Terms for New Clients:

For new clients without an established credit history with CSA, prepayment is required.

For Laboratory Testing Fees under $5,000 USD, payment is required prior to report / CoA issuance.

For Laboratory Testing Fees exceeding $5,000 USD, or those that otherwise include new instrument, subcontractor, change part, or supply costs to CSA, payment is required prior to the start of testing.

Prepayment is required until one of the following conditions are met:

  1. The client has previously submitted samples and prepaid Laboratory Testing Fees against at least 3 CSA-issued quotations.
  2. The client has previously submitted samples and prepaid Laboratory Testing Fees in excess of $10,000 USD.