CS Analytical Laboratory, the world’s only cGMP, FDA-registered and inspected contract laboratory exclusively designed and dedicated to container testing for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, announced today the appointment of two key leadership executives. Brian Mulhall has been named Chief Executive Officer and will oversee all aspects of the company’s operations including executive laboratory management, client engagement, sales, marketing, and, most importantly, cGMP quality operations. Alan Weiss has been named Chief Financial Officer and will oversee all financial aspects of the company’s operations, business development, legal, and human resource functions. Together, Mr. Mulhall and Mr. Weiss represent an experienced and successful team, having worked together for over twenty years. CS Analytical is the third time they have teamed up in the leadership suite of a contract pharmaceutical service provider. Most recently, they led the turnaround of Leak Detection Associates, a CCI instrument supplier recently acquired by Packaging Technologies and Inspection in 2020. Prior to this, the pair served as CEO and CFO of Whitehouse Analytical Laboratories, a company they founded in 2002 and sold to AMRI in December of 2015.

Mr. Mulhall commented: “Having been instrumental in designing and developing the first world’s full-service, FDA regulated container closure integrity testing laboratory and being at the forefront for the introduction of the USP〈1207〉guidelines, I am excited to now be leading the first cGMP contract testing laboratory that is exclusively dedicated to providing qualification and testing solutions specifically around container and package systems.”

“I share Brian’s excitement and enthusiasm and we are looking forward to a bright future for CS Analytical. Working with a team dedicated to assisting clients with critical solutions specific to their container qualification needs is an area that we have proven we can be successful in,” added Alan Weiss.

With the advent of new and complex drug products with unique formulations and storage requirements, package and delivery systems are increasingly complex compared to the standard glass vial package system. As a result, the role of drug product container and qualification testing has become of utmost significance in today’s regulatory landscape. Product storage requirements that necessitate storage and transport conditions well below freezing further highlight the need for more intricate testing regimes to ensure product safety at end use. Guidelines and regulations to keep up with this trend in development are being added and altered at an accelerated pace. The need to rely on experts that specialize in this distinctive field is more critical now than ever before.