Even as CS Analytical is truly unique as the world’s only cGMP, FDA-registered and inspected contract laboratory exclusively designed and dedicated to package and container testing for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, in today’s competitive landscape and ever-changing business environment, to be successful you must be better. To be better is to be different and the CS Analytical Team is committed to being different. One key that proves we are different is that we enjoy saying “No” to clients on a regular basis. Some examples:

  • “NO” RUSH FEES – CS Analytical does not charge rush fees. At time of quote issuance, we provide an expected “turn around time” (TAT) for when the client can expect the report. If this does not meet your requirements, simply let us know and we will work with you to get the work done in as much of an expedited manner as that specific testing enables with no additional fees.
  • “NO” QUALITY REVIEW FEES – Unlike most other third-party laboratory service providers that add on a host of additional fees for such things as quality review, CS Analytical does not believe in this practice. The formal electronic quote provided will outline the specific sample(s) to be submitted and a comprehensive listing of the testing to be performed and one total amount with no hidden fees for such items as quality data review. All testing work performed undergoes a two-stage data review process that includes a laboratory management and quality department review at no additional cost.
  • “NO” OUT OF SPECIFICATION FEES – CS Analytical will perform all phase one OOS investigations at no additional cost to the client. The only time fees may be applicable for an OOS process is when a formal re-test is requested and directed by the client.
  • “NO” RAW DATA FEES – Similar to our philosophy with regard to quality data review fees, CS Analytical does not charge additional fees for raw data files to be included as part of the final report to be issued. While some service providers go so far as to have a per page fee, we abhor this type of pure money grab.

We understand and appreciate that we are different. It is our differences that make us better. The CS Analytical Team includes world-leading experts and thought-leaders on FDA and EU regulatory expectations and USP and EP primary package testing requirements inclusive of USP 1207 container closure integrity testing (CCIT). Test services include CCI method development, validation, and analysis, USP/EP/JP physical and physicochemical testing, and Comprehensive and Complementary services for all common or unique primary packaging components and systems inclusive of glass, plastic, elastomeric, and more. CS Analytical is the single source to ensure a regulated industry product-package system meets strict, complex, and ever-changing regulatory requirements and we work to deliver these services in a manner that truly puts the client first. CSA does stand for CS Analytical, but it also stands for CUSTOMER SERVICE ALWAYS!!!