CLIFTON, N.J., April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — CS Analytical Laboratory, the world’s only cGMP, FDA-registered and inspected contract laboratory exclusively designed and dedicated to container testing for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, continues to expand its service offerings specific to container and package testing with the recent installation of two new Cincinnati Sub-Zero Model ZPHS-96-6-SCT/AC Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers. These large capacity chambers, with the volume to hold full pallet loads, will provide improved testing capabilities specific to temperature and relative humidity profiling for package systems.

“Temperature and relative humidity profile testing is a fundamental way to qualify the thermal performance of a medical product shipment system,” commented Chief Scientific Officer Brandon Zurawlow. “By making this investment, the CSA Team can now help clients ensure, improve and optimize their package system thermal performance in a controlled manner that is more expeditious and cost-effective.”

Key features of the new Cincinnati Sub-Zero Large 96 cubic foot capacity chambers include:

  • Temperature Range of -45°C to +190°C (-49°F to 375°F)
  • Relative Humidity Range of 5% to 98% RH
  • Ability to profile up to 99 test steps and 1000 cycles.
  • Ability to ramp both temperature and relative humidity based upon °C/min.
  • 100% Remote Monitoring of all test functions with enhanced alarm capability.
  • Digital based control and management using Part 11 compliant software inclusive of a secure audit trail.
  • Real time graphical display with X / Y axis variability to enable test report customization for unique test profiles.

These new chambers will provide a number of enhanced service offerings to CS Analytical clients especially as it relates to ASTM 4169 and ISTA Package testing. With many of the new medical products requiring unique environmental storage configurations, the laboratory will now have the capability to offering a wide range of temperature and humidity profile services to ensure product shipments maintain their prescribed conditions during transport.