Position: USP <1207> Container Closure Integrity Testing (leak testing) Analyst

Company Information: Located in Clifton, New Jersey, CS Analytical is an FDA regulated testing laboratory that specializes in container and package testing for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Position Overview:  As a CSA CCIT Laboratory Analyst you will be working in an FDA regulated Laboratory that adheres to a strict quality process system directly with clients on all aspects of the development and validation of their leak testing requirements specific to their container and package systems.

Required Skill Set:             

  1. At a minimum, and BS educational background with a strong science, engineering, or mathematical background.
  2. A minimum of 2 working in an FDA regulated, cGMP laboratory.
  3. Direct experience and knowledge (Minimum 2 years) specific to USP <1207> container closure integrity testing to include:
    1. Vacuum Decay Leak Testing
    2. High Voltage Leak Testing
    3. Helium Leak Testing
    4. Laser Based Headspace Leak Testing
    5. Using these test methods as Cold and Ultracold conditions
  4. Experience in all phases of method development, method validation and method transfer for all USP <1207> test methodologies.
  5. Experience and understanding of the complexities of container and package systems and how they interact with a wide variety of unique products.
  6. The ability to take a project from client inquiry to full completion to include a developed and validated method.
  7. The ability to interact with clients on a routine basis in a consultative manner.

This is NOT a remote position. You will be working onsite at our Clifton, NJ facility.

To Apply, please send a cover letter and resume to CAREERS@CSANALYTICAL.COM